Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wu's Secrets, EXPOSED

Hey everyone!

Well, Wu let me post on her blog (It's getting quite beautiful, aye?), and i thought i should make the best of this.


Shh..Don't tell her!

  • Wu likes JB (Might not be that traumatic)
  • She wiggles her butt when she walks
  • She has poo specks clinging on to her butt
  • Her litter box smells good and bad at the same time
  • Wu doesn't like citrus
  • She likes eating mommy's flowers
Whatever you do with these secrets, DON'T TELL WU-DONG!


~ The Epic R

PS- Time to congratulate the top commentor!

                       *DRUM ROLL*

 Angie! Thanks for always being positive in your comments!

Who, knows, if you keep commenting on Wu's blog, you could win this spotlight!


Aηηiε ◕‿◕ said...

Hey R! Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell Wu-Dong's secrets, lol! Tell Wu that the blog is epic :)

~Annie ♥

R said...


Thanks! :D

I will absoulutely tell her, I think she would be flattered that you told her that!

~The Epic R