Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Awesome Bloggers?


This is the post about AWESOME BLOGGERS!

I thought, If I'm gonna blog, I should make it spazzy.
So, great bloggers?
First Up, Annie! :D

Visit her blog http://lifemaroonaqua.blogspot.com/ It's all about life, herself, and cool pictures! I suggest you go there for inspiration, and if you're bored, it's a good place to visit!

Next, Mr. Puddy!

I think this blog is creative, and it's inside a cat's life. It's not like usual blogs you will see, and this blog is about an Aussie cat! Visit his blog here http://everydayvisitor.blogspot.com/

Now comes, The Island Cats!

They are never a bore to visit, and their adventures are fun to follow! Visit their blog here http://www.island-cats.com/

I chose 3 that I usual visit alot, and if I didn't choose you, I'm very sorry! But, I bet you ARE a good blogger (if you are one).
Meowing Off,


Aηηiε ◕‿◕ said...

Aww, thanks for putting me up there! Keep on blogging, Wu-Dong :)

~Annie ♥

Wu-Dong said...


No problem, you deserve it!

I also commented on your blog about some cool blingies you can add on there!

Meowing Off,