Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sorry, this box is not big enough for 2

                                                Wu-Dong? Where are you silly kitty..
                                       Oh no, my owner and I can't both fit in this box!

                                                             Ooh, a fly..

 Hey pal, you didn't even ask! So I need to get yah out before my owner wants to join this mess!

                                                                 I found you Wu.      

                                         Er, hello! Um, this box isn't big enough for 2, sorry!

*Pretends to look un-interested in owner* Hey, if you not leaving, then there will be some drastic measures!
Like what? You becoming a dog?

Meowing Off,


Katnip Lounge said...

We think the Paw of Doom might appear!

Wu-Dong said...

Katnip Lounge-

Oh no, what's that? Paw of Doom doesn't sound good at all!

Meowing Off,