Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog Achievements AND An Occasional Picture!


 Wow! Already over 700 page views!? Plus to add to that, my blog seems to look like it's been running for ages! And I only started on July 24th! To think it's not even a month yet?

I'm very stunned! Thanks to all my followers, especially Angie and Annie! You guys are awesome commentors, and support my blog all the time!

I'll talk about my achievements through blogging..

  1. Finding cute backgrounds to spaz up the blog.
  2. Finding a blog friend (Thanks Midnight!)
  3. Exploring paw-some pictures from and
  4. Creating my very OWN signature
  5. Exploring for a calender to add on to my blog.
  6. Having cool fonts
  7. Always having fun!
So, thanks everyone who liked, loved, kinda liked, and hated this blog! Even those who never saw this blog, and even those who did. Those who said mean comments, those who didn't!

You all are Paw-Some People/Cats/Ect. !

 I look er..interesting, agreed?

Meowing Off,


Aηηiε ◕‿◕ said...

Congrats! You've come so far :) Keep on blogging!

~Annie ♥

Wu-Dong said...


Thanks! I will keep on blogging, but once my owner enters middle school, then I have to cut short on blogging!

But, I will try my best!

Meowing Off,


The Island Cats said...

You're doing good, Wu-Dong!

Wu-Dong said...

The Island Cats-

Thanks! You guys are doing awesome as usual!

Meowing Off,