Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You want Noodles, or the cat? Oh, I'll have the noodles, the cat is driving me CRAZY!

Holy Cats, what are those things!? And my owner is gonna eat em!? Crazy humans..

                                                 Yes, I said "Crazy Humans" it's true!
                                             What a bad little kitten you are! No treats for you!

Oh no, I'm risking my delicious treats here! Um, I'm sorry, I mean crazy er, PUMAS! That rhymes with human right?
                                              Pumas!? You never met one!

Meowing Off,

PS- When highlighted in that shade of green, my owner R is talking! This post was inspired by the Island Cats, if you don't understand what I mean, then it's hard to explain to you CRAZY humans.


Katnip Lounge said...

Wu-Dong, we saw your comment over at Ginger Jasper and came right over to say hello!

Wu-Dong said...

Katnip Lounge-

Oh, wonderful! Hello! I must say, your blog is very excellent!

Meowing off,