Tuesday, July 31, 2012

R's Zhu Zhu Pets


                            Well, R was creating a Zhu Zhu Pet race, and I decided to drop by.

                                          Me in the process of "dropping by"

                                         The Zhu Zhu pets had already started!

                                 Thankfully, I didn't miss out on the whole race.

I got quite bored, it took a long time for all the zhu's to finish, so I waited..

Hope you enjoyed!

Yours truly,



Anonymous said...

The pics are sooooooooo cute!!!!!-perry

Anonymous said...

Ooh look at that booty!!!!! LOL! Fav part!!!!

Wu-Dong said...

@ Perry

Thanks Perry! Your were the one that bought R that zhu zhu pet Rocky for her b-day!


Wu-Dong said...

@ JeJe

Ah, thanks! :P