Thursday, July 26, 2012

Evil Dog..


                                 Today, I give you an interesting  EVIL selection.. evil dogs -.-
Here, is a dog, Fuzuki (I think Fuzuki is a Japanese name of some sort, seems to be the only thing we both have in common, japanese names!) Of course a intelligent feline like me, wouldn't fall for such a trick, this is completely, a TOY DOG.

                      Why, you ask, am I so annoyed by this fuzzy fur ball? Two answers, either R KEEPS       
                   PESTERING ME ABOUT IT, or it just has an evil mind, and hypnotises R to make her pester me! (Yes, I am very clever, and n what hypnotism IS).

Of course, I have gotten in trouble for attempting to scratch this nonsense of a toy! I just tell you, this dog bugs me, I have never met a real one, and I don't any time soon -.- (No offense dog people).

Yours Truly,


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