Saturday, October 13, 2012

Movie Night, Photos, and More!


Well, this post is just random.


Last night I went camping with R under the blankies on her bed. It was fun! I was purring, all happy!
It wasn't dark underneath the blankies, because R had some light from her phone.

It was just tons of fun! But R opened the blankies and I got out cause' it didn't seem fun any more. Humans, just gotta ruin everything..

Here are some random pictures of me!

                                                         Ah..I'm getting sleepy..


                 Please God, don't let December 21st be Doomsday.. let it be December 22nd..

                               NOTE- The reason my head looks so skinny is because I'm yawning

                                                  Hocus Pocus! Open the door-ocus!

Have you meowsies been waiting for a movie night? My owner thankfully filmed a video that will premiere on movie night right now!


PS- Admission the this paw-some movie will be 1 comment, if you do  not give 1 comment, Wu-Dong will be in your nightmare tonight.

Thank you

Meowing Off,