Friday, August 31, 2012

Today's Topic - Blogging.


The name tells all.


It seems as if everyone wants a blog these days. Why?

  1. To become popular
  2. To share their life
  3. To become popular
  4. To become popular
  5. To become popular
  6. To become popular
It's JUST about the popularity! Everyone wants to make a blog, because they want to become popular.

My owner R, has experienced blogging for her favorite virtual website Animal Jam

But, EVERYONE seems to blog about Animal Jam. Everyday there seems to be one more blog about that game.

That's the DOWN-FALL. If everyone is blogging about AJ, then, what's the difference between one blog and another?

The secret here is- MAKE YOUR BLOG UNIQUE.

Don't blog about something you know EVERYONE blogs about. That's why, some AJ blogs that started out in 2011, only have about 10-13 followers, and stop pageviews at 5,000!

Blog about something really important. Sure, cat blogging might not be important, but at least you have something interesting, something you don't see on everyone blog. Because, every cat has a different life.

So, if you realize something here, the mortal is create your own unique blog.

Ok, sorry if I got all drastic... I learn that from my owners, but they don't really own me, do they? I shall call them my pets, but owner sounds better...

Back to the Topic

I got 23 followers! I'm so thankful for that! I've made so much progress and success in so little time!

Already 1,100+ views is paw-tastic!

Anyways, Thank-you all for reading this post!

Meowing Off,

My owner found that on Tumblr, if you know pokemon, then you will understand this picture.

Thanks to Alexi for creating this wonderful flower basket for new bloggers!


Sherlock the cat said...

I'm so happy to hear this great news!
Lots of luv HUGS

Wu-Dong said...



Meowing Off,


Katnip Lounge said...

You ARE unique! In fact, we all are!