Wednesday, August 22, 2012

R and Angie taking pictures!


                                               These are just pictures tooken by R.
                                         Congrats to Angie for getting her new camera!
 R taking a picture of Angie who is taking a picture of R who is taking a picture of Angie who is taking a picture of R who is-Ah, nevermind!

                                                Blue sky with a few wispy clouds.

                                           Stone staircase steps daddy finished a long time ago.

                                 A huge Aster flower, Aster is the flower of September I think..

                                                         Worn out Daisy.

                                                 A different perspective of the Aster.

                            Perspective of a Cherry Tree, which rests happily in my owner's garden!

                                                                      R's shadow.

                                           Angie running back to her Aunt and Uncle's house.

                                                                     Ew, a slug!

                                             Me! Yay! (Now the party is officially starting!)

                                               Angie's water bottle looks weird in this angle!

                                             Either Red Poppies or Red Pansies.

                                                         Bug's Perspective.


                                                           Humming Bird Feeder.

                                                             Power Outlet

                                          Patterns on the table which rests on the patio deck.

                                                           R's feet and flip-flops.

                                         R and Angie doing the Peace Sign with their shadow.

                                                                  The Hose

Did you enjoy these pictures? Comment on your favorite picture(s)!

Meowing Off,


Aηηiε ◕‿◕ said...

They're really pretty, tell Angie and R :)

Wu-Dong said...


Thanks! I will!

Meowing Off,


Katie Isabella said...

Have you considered posting your pictures to Flickr? It's free and my mommy has hers there. xoxox

Lovable Lily said...

Hi Wu-Dong!
Lily Belle here. Thanks for inviting us over to your blog for a visit. Your pic's are nice :) We love the water bottle pic. And if you didn't tell us what it was, we was thinking it was a lighthouse. Hey we're Doxie's, what the heck do we know....

Nice to meet you and I hope you stop over and meet me and my sister Muffin sometime.

Lily Belle

Wu-Dong said...

Lovable Lily-

Hello Lily Belle! It's wonderful you came over to my blog for a visit! Thanks, my owner wants to become a proffessional photographer, but she's only 10! A lighthouse, hmm, I don't know what that is, but we learn something new everyday don't we?

Katie Isabelle-

Flickr? How do you do that? It would be wonderful to know!

Meowing Off,