About Wu-Dong


Where should I start off?

First, My history..

I was first at my mommy's co worker's house, Linda.
I had many bothers and sisters, one I always slept with.
One day I got wrapped up in a towel, and handed over to a nice looking Lady (who is mommy, but I didn't know at the time).
My mind felt so blanked, I just hopped on to mommy's lap, musta scared her, because she was driving when I hopped on her lap, I don't know why she was scared, I'm so cute, who is scared of me?

So, after that, I got back into the towel I think , and mommy got me into this huge house, but she didn't stop there, she took me into a huge room, then shut the door.

I sniffed around, then decided to go under a big green couch, and wait there, hoping Linda would come back for me. Turned out, a few hours later, I heard different voices, and soon, the door opened again. I was so frightened I didn't even go to the door to see who it was, but it was actually a girl (R), a guy (daddy), and mommy.

Daddy tried to coax me out, it eventually worked, when R suggested to give me some food, I don't remember the last time I ate, so it felt delicious to have those tiny kibbles in my mouth.

After that, I've bonded alot with my family, and I don't know what I could do with out them..

I was so young when I was tooken away from my family, so I really miss my brothers and sisters, and my cat mommy!

Where I Live- Washington, the cold, rainy, interesting state. Seattle is my home town and who knows, if you visit, you might just see a tabby cat peeking out of the window.

Want to know how I got my name?

My owner R experienced eating U Don noodles the very first time, she forgot the name, then asked her mommy. Her mommy said they were called "U Don Noodles' (Pronounce- Wu-Dung). Ever since, R has loved that noodle.

She ate it almost everyday before school, and it has been her favorite food since. Then, when the day arrived that the family decided to get a cat, R wanted to name her cat Wu-Dung, daddy changed the "u" in Wu-Dung, so they spelled it like "Wu-Dong". And that's the story


Now, my profile

Name- Wu-Dong

Gender- Female

Likes -
  • Sleeping
  •  Pouncing
  • Eating,
  • Playing
  • Blogging
  • Being silly
  • Rolling in sunbeams
  • Cuddling with my owners
  • Watching T.V
  • Pats, rubs, and being brushed by my owners.
  • Grooming myself
  • Watching my owners
  • Sitting on the windowsill
  • Sleeping under my favorite couch in my room
  • Being trapped in a room,
  • Noisy places
  • Violation
  • Privacy
  • Collars
  • Blower machine
  • Bugs
  • When people mispronounce my unique name! (Pronounced Woo Dung),
  • Action packed movies
  • Being grounded
  •  No one cleaning my litterbox.
I am-
  • Chubby
  • Clever
  • Vicious 
  • Friendly
  • Playful
  • Energetic
Some Fun Facts!

  • I'm claustrophobic, which means I don't like small spaces.
  • I can do flips
  • I'm not afraid to eat bugs
  • No one knows when I was born, so mommy decided my birth date is 1/1
  • I came home to R's place on April 14
  • I like watching T.V
  • I'm an indoor cat, with a wish to go outdoors
  • I find weird places to sleep
  • I plop on the ground, and start rolling
  • Everyday I am called cute, that's 365 cute's a year!

Hope You enjoyed!

Meowing Off,



Anonymous said...

Wu-Dong is so cute.
I also know her in person!Or maybe in cat
~From R's homie friend, An

Wu-Dong said...

@ An

Thanks An!

Keep Commenting!


Anonymous said...

hi R & Wu-Dong! This is I & Mookie and we just want to say how much we love your blog!!!!! ttyl hope to see you soon

Wu-Dong said...

@ Mookie And Ze

Hello Mookie and Ze! How are things comming along? I'm glad you visited this blog :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hows it shaking??? I saw u as a baby too!!!

Anonymous said...

Why havent u posted in so long?